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A Change of Pace

This weekend, I was supposed to be lacing up for the final long run prior to One City Marathon (March 13). Then I received a message from Eric, he found a local half marathon in Williamsburg that was still taking registrations. The Sentara Colonial [...]

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Time Management

 What is time management?One definition of time management I found is the ability to use one's time effectively or productively, especially at work. There are many more variations, but they all relate to accomplishing tasks and being [...]

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Running for Fun

I have been running to podcasts for the last several months. This is the only thing (except talking to friends) that seems to keep my mind occupied mile after mile. Plus, I get to learn something new on every run. I love my running music too, but [...]

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One City Marathon Bound

My next marathon is just under a month away and that means one long run to go.  Today’s run was just over 23 miles, but with our frigid temperatures it felt much longer.  I chose to run from Newport News Park and through the Yorktown [...]

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Surf City Marathon Race Report

Mark Jimenez is a very dear friend to my family and me. When I began my running journey, I turned to Mark for everything. He was the only person I knew (at the time) who had ever run a marathon. I bugged him so much that he decided to join me on my [...]

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Reason to run…or not!

Every day we are faced with decisions do we run or not.  Here are the reasons I find it easy to lace up my running shoes:1. Clear my headI find running helps me clear my head…even if I have a headache. I am sure you have been delegated to [...]

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