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I have been running to podcasts for the last several months. This is the only thing (except talking to friends) that seems to keep my mind occupied mile after mile. Plus, I get to learn something new on every run. I love my running music too, but running six hours a week to music can be tiresome. I feel I must learn something new each time I go out. I keep searching for new podcasts every couple of weeks to ensure I keep learning – almost like going to school while running.

A couple days ago, I was listening to Running On Om Podcast featuring Ian Sharman who is a professional ultra runner, running coach, race director, and writer, discussed how to race and recover from 100 miles.

My biggest take away from his discussion was running for fun – just go out and move. Not on every run. Replacing a training day with a fun run day is a great way to break up the day-to-day grind and help our bodies heal.

The 2016 race calendar is slowly filling up which includes a crazy training schedule to follow suit. After I listened to him, I was thinking, I never run for fun (or so it seems). I am always checking my pace, mileage, cadence, and heart rate. I love to run, but I feel like I need to track each of the variables on each run so I can hit the intent of my training schedule.

Today, I laced up my shoes and powered on my Garmin for funsies! I knew I had just enough time to knock out six miles – during my lunch break. This had to be the most enjoyable run I have done in a while. I did not monitor my watch during the run except for checking on my cadence. Keeping my cadence high (180+) has helped me increase my speed and hopefully thwart any injury.

Afterwards, I felt great! I have been busy at work, so this was a great transition into the afternoon then off to class.

Do you ever just run for fun during your training cycle?


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