About Me

My name is Joshua aka “Dewey,” and I love to run!  After spending over 20 years in the US Air Force traveling/running around the world, I decided to retire and return as DoD Civilian.  When I am not prepping or traveling for a race, I am sitting in the classroom as an MBA student at the College of William & Mary.

All of my great ideas are born and my problems solved as my feet glide across the ground below me.  I ran track in high school (200 & 1-mile relay), but replaced it with bodybuilding shortly after joining the Air Force.  My distance running adventures began the summer of 2010.  I went on a two-week road trip to the Pacific Northwest; during my planning, I discovered one of the cities was hosting its annual 10k race on the beach.  I figured why not try it out, I had about a month to train.  How hard could a 10k really be, right?  I quickly discovered that six miles was a long way!  However, once I crossed that finish line, I set course on a life-changing journey.  Within a couple of months, I kicked the weightlifting habit, lost 35 pounds of muscle, and signed up for my first marathon.  I have been hooked ever since – finding new challenges and new paths to travel.

Another hobby I enjoy is creating craft beer…I consider running fuel.

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Instagram: @RunDeweyRun

Gmail:  deweyspath@gmail.com

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