April Update

I cannot believe that April showers have come and gone. Well a few have lingered around lately, but that has not stopped me from chipping away at my goals. Looking back, April was a busy month, and I was fortunate to partake in several opportunities. I started the month off traveling with some USMES friends to South Carolina, and finished the month by helping crew/pace Team Run4Life at the 24 Hour Run for Cancer in Hampton, Virginia.

One of my biggest accomplishments this month is that I can finally call myself an ultra runner.

Cooper River Bridge 10k
North Face Endurance Challenge (DC) 50k

While I did not spend the entire 24 hours supporting and pacing the Run4Life team, I did spend approximately 11 hours assisting and pacing as needed. Talking to each one of the runners really inspired me to join them next year. It is amazing that some of them ran the entire time with minimal breaks. One of them even set a record of 135 miles – breaking his previous record.

My Strava data shows that I am still moving, but not logging the miles I had forecasted. I forgot to incorporate taper or recovery time into my goal of 2,016 miles. However, I am not too far off at this point, just off by 57 miles.

Ran 17 of the 30 days
Running time: ~ 22 hours
Total miles: 130 (short of monthly goal 38 miles)
Elevation gain: 4,403 feet

Mileage-to-date: 615.4

To keep me moving down the path, I have added a couple of podcast to my playlist. The first one, which takes me back to a time when Paul Harvey graced our airwaves. The Way I Heard it with Mike Rowe. These are short stories with a twist, and his voice is captivating as usual.

The other podcast I found on the comedy front is My Dad Wrote a Porno. This will keep you laughing from chapter-to-chapter while the guy’s son reads aloud with some of his English friends. It is definitely worth the laugh as you try to find your footing.

The end of April also brings an end to a couple of my MBA classes…Quantitive Modeling and Communication for Mangers. Now time for a small summer break and an opportunity to catch up on my miles.

Next stop…rim2rim2rim!

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  1. Great month Dewey – just transitioning to becoming an Ultrarunner is a fabulous accomplishment. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures in Rim 2 Rim…I need to go visit the website and check out what it is all about!! Cheers!