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Being a Pearl Izumi Ambassador

I spent the majority of 2014 dealing with plantar fasciitis (PF). After several months of physical therapy and changing shoes a couple time, I ended up getting a couple of shots in the arch of my foot near the heal. I would have thought this would have taken care of the pain, but that did not happen for another couple of months. Medical intervention just was not curing the pain in my feet. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel when I went running with a friend in the fall and discovered Pearl Izumi shoes. He was telling me that he had been wearing Pi shoes for a couple of years and mentioned they do not change their shoes as often as other companies. This was how my PF started…every time it was time to change shoes the next model was out. Buying a couple pairs of shoes at a time just was not a sustainable model for running.

So, I did my research, read reviews, and decided to give Pearl Izumi a go. My first pair was the Road M3s – I was looking for something with padding/support, as my feet were constantly sore. The day they arrived in the mail, I laced them up and went for a run. I was instantly amazed at their comfort/support. The few runs following were met with equal comfort and relief. After about two weeks my PF was gone – I was a Pearl Izumi believer. Another benefit of their shoes is they have the same base on their entire M series. Later on, I bought a pair of their trail shoes too and they fit just like the road ones.


This past March, the same friend told me about the Peal Izumi’s Ambassador program and told me I should apply. So I did. After a few anxious weeks, I was selected to be on the 2015 team. We are known as Team Champions/Ambassadors. They welcomed us with box of goodies…shoes of our choice, branded singlet, t-shirt, and a trucker hat. This ambassadorship is nonpaying opportunity.

As an ambassador, we are allowed to purchase items at a discount four times throughout the year. If we chose, we were given materials to host fun runs. I helped with a local Pi Day Run on March 14 – every runner received a technical t-shirt and lucky runner won some cool prizes donated by Pi.

As team champions, we agreed to promote the brand on social media, which was easy since I only wore Pi shoes. A bonus, it was easy to spot other Pi Ambassadors at running events, as we were most likely to be wearing their cool singlet. Being a 2015 Pearl Izumi Ambassador was nothing less than amazing! Additionally, I am thankful that my PF has disappeared and I have found a shoe for me.

So, when the 2016 application notification was released I jumped at the opportunity. The 2016 team was announced just before Christmas Day, and a welcome gift it was. I am looking forward to being part of the 2016 team, and an opportunity to share stories with fellow runners.



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