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In the Spring of 2016, I submitted an application to become a BibRave Pro (ambassador).  After waiting a couple of weeks, I received a very nice email stating I did not meet their social media requirements.  Not to be discouraged, I spent the last year working on my social media accounts in hopes of joining the team.

Fast forward a year later…I had forgotten to reapply to become a BibRave.  

Erin, the BibRave Community Manager, contacted me and wanted to know if I was still interested in being a BibRave Pro.

Not wasting any time, I quickly replied back, “YES, I am!”

After covering a couple of administrative items, I was a member of the BibRave team.


So, you are probably asking yourself, “What is a BibRave Pro?”

A BibRave Pro is active, enthusiastic, and socially-savvy run blogger who helps spread the word about BibRave and BibRave-partnered races and brands.

BibRave connects the global running community into a single platform for race reviews –  Outside of the race reviews, BibRave also hosts what is known as #BibChat on Twitter every Tuesday at 9PM EST.  This provides an opportunity to connect with other runners outside of your local area.

What a BibRave Pro Looks Like

  • Active racer, eager to test new products, and share experiences with their followers
  • True advocate of the BibRave brand, excited to hype BibRave on social media, at races, and throughout their running community
  • Passionate about anything/everything running
  • Dedicated blogger looking to grow their social reach and social media skills

BibRave Pro Perks

  • Free race entries!
  • Free running products – hydration packs, fuel, shoes, apparel, electronics, and more!
  • Exclusive access to an awesome community – constant encouragement, meet-ups, and motivation from a group of well-connected runners
  • Opportunities to enhance your social media and blogging skills from other expert run bloggers

Within the first month, I was given two free marathon entries: Route 66 in Tulsa, Oklahoma & Sedona, Arizona Marathon.  I will provide updates to these races and my training as they come closer to reality.

Additionally, I am currently testing out two products:  2Toms Foot Shield and Brilliant Reflective.  Please check back for my reviews on each.

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  1. so cool that you are onboard too…as you know, i started back in february and have a similar path to yours as i my social media was not where it needed to be last year when i applied…been having a ton of fun ever since i signed up and think its a great program! cheers!

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