Brilliant Reflective – Reflevtive Safety Strips

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If you spend any time outside during dark hours then you need to check out these effective and convenient reflective strips.  I wish I had them when I lived in Las Vegas as they might have reduced some of my close-calls with vehicles.  I used to wear a blinking light so passing cars could see me, but not anymore!


After reading the detailed directions for both the stick-on and iron-on reflective stickers, I had a hard time selecting my test items.  Each package contains 8 strips (30 square inches), so I wanted affix them on something I use all the time in the dark.  The first logical choice was to make my bike rack as visible as possible as I leave it attached during the summer.  I also added iron-on strips to a couple singlets and a couple pairs of shorts.

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For someone who does not iron a lot, I found the directions to apply these strips easy.  The most difficult part of this process was setting up the ironing board and deciding where to #BeBrilliant. I liked how the reflective strips were soft and flexible-  I even forgot they were there during my runs.

As far as safety, I know one passing car noticed me because the driver stopped and asked me about the product.



I love how bright these strips are in the dark! Plus, they are not your typical reflective strips either.  After several trips through the washing machine and many hours in the sun, these little guys are still shining brightly… when the sun is down.

Here are a couple of Boomerang videos of me wearing the strips.

Looking for some other ideas for your set of reflective strips? Try the following:

  • Helmets
  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Strollers
  • Backpacks
  • Water Bottles
  • Camel Backs
  • Dog Leash (I added a couple to my dog’s leather leash)
  • Anything that you do on the roads in the dark

From the Brilliant Reflective website:

Brilliant Reflective is retroreflective material. This means when the light shines at the reflective strip, the light will reflect off and go directly back to the source.

The material is made out of millions of tiny glass beads that are coated with aluminum on the bottom half of the bead. This allows the light to come from any direction and reflect back to the source rather than bounce off at an angle, like a mirror.

What you may not know is that there are four types of reflective material.

1. Cosmetic – No Visibility at 10 – 50 feet (most casual apparel)

2. Low Brightness – Low Visibility at 100 feet (typical running/cycling gear)

3. Medium Brightness – Moderate Visibility at 100 – 300 feet (running/cycling vest)

4. High Brightness – Significant Visibility at 300+ meters (Brilliant Reflective Strips)

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