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Micro Workouts

A micro workout is designed to be accomplished anywhere and/or anytime. Even in your office. If you are like me, you might sit at a computer – all day. Personally, I like to break up my day, when possible, by stepping away from the keyboard to get [...]

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New Program: First week

OUCH! It has been a long time since I was this sore…everything aches. The weather this week has been as low as 22 degrees to 60 degrees with periods of wind. This is drastically different than it was over the Christmas & New Year Holidays [...]

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Dropping the Weights

My plan for 2016 does not involve lifting weights (through machines) as part of my strength-training program.Before I caught the running bug, my primary focus was bodybuilding and power lifting. Yes, I willing chose barbells over running shoes. [...]

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