Route 66 Marathon Training Plan

Earlier this year, I was selected to represent BibRave, and with that I had an opportunity to run a race for free.  However, I never anticipated to still be recovering from my first (and probably last) 100-mile race a month later. I have less than a month left until I lace up my running shoes… More Route 66 Marathon Training Plan

Micro Workouts

A micro workout is designed to be accomplished anywhere and/or anytime. Even in your office. If you are like me, you might sit at a computer – all day. Personally, I like to break up my day, when possible, by stepping away from the keyboard to get the creative juices flowing again. This also seems… More Micro Workouts

Road Blocks

When I set my goals for 2016, I knew they would be a challenge. This was done on purpose! If a goal was too easy to obtain then maybe it would be as rewarding once it is accomplished. Looking at my mileage for the year, I have logged 399 miles. At this point in time,… More Road Blocks

Day of Training:  2 – 5

  It has been a fun-filled couple of days training. We have spent several days of classroom training. Learning about the wartime portion of our career field. Over 99% of our mission is done from a home station terminal, and every now and then one of us receives an order for a deployment. On this… More Day of Training:  2 – 5

One City Marathon Bound

My next marathon is just under a month away and that means one long run to go.  Today’s run was just over 23 miles, but with our frigid temperatures it felt much longer.  I chose to run from Newport News Park and through the Yorktown Battlefields.  Each loop is about five miles, so I figured… More One City Marathon Bound

From Snow to Sunshine

The weather here in Virginia has yet to make up its mind.  Just a week ago, I was able to run in just a long-sleeve shirt then over the weekend we received several inches of snow and the temperatures plummeted to the mid-20s.  Today, I was back out checking off the miles in a pair… More From Snow to Sunshine

New Program: First week

OUCH! It has been a long time since I was this sore…everything aches. The weather this week has been as low as 22 degrees to 60 degrees with periods of wind. This is drastically different than it was over the Christmas & New Year Holidays where the temperatures hit the upper 70s. I guess it… More New Program: First week

Dropping the Weights

My plan for 2016 does not involve lifting weights (through machines) as part of my strength-training program. Before I caught the running bug, my primary focus was bodybuilding and power lifting. Yes, I willing chose barbells over running shoes. Well, that has all changed, and the light was brightened when trained for and ran my… More Dropping the Weights