Day of Training:  1

So it begins!  The count down of seven days of training has begun. 

The crisp morning Florida air was awaken by reveille at 0530. This meant out duty day had started. This is about an hour earlier than I normally wake up, but being  in the Central time zone made it relatively easy to get moving. 

Besides walking in sand the worst part is taking a shower in one of these stalls!  I have seen better accommodations in Baghdad.   
The first portion of the day covered our rules of engagement then a quick mission briefing, which was followed by a site tour. Running (fitness) has become part of our culture, so part of the tour took us to the running area. This was a semi horseshoe by the flight line. 

Upon returning to our training environment – classroom – instructor expectations were laid out. After six hours of PowerPoint presentations and a couple of breaks we were left to tackle our homework. Mission brief. Exciting stuff…not really!  

Lucky me…today was my 40th birthday!  This puts me into a new AF fitness category and a new age group.  I have never felt younger. My celebration was last weekend with my wife and some friends. So tonight, I decided to continue with my race week meal plan and eat this…


There is enough sodium in each packet of food to preserve a body for ever. Hopefully this will cure my cramps once and for all. 

Tomorrow brings a whole new set of fun challenges and one day closer to going home. Looking forward to both!

Note: posted from my phone. 

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