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First PR of the Year – 10k

Running this morning was nothing short of amazing! Starting off, the temperatures were in the mid-30s and the slightest breeze of breezes was coming off the bay.

Today, JBLE hosted the first fun run of 2016 – MLK 5k/10k. Every month the Fitness Center hosts a themed run. We did not have as many runners as some of the warmer races typically have, but today’s turnout was still pretty good.

JBLE Image

I must say this race was by far the best 5k/10k the installation has yet to host. While some aspects could be modified in future runs at least we had lead vehicle, plenty of road guards, and water stations. The course took us from the ACC Fitness Center and traveled counter-clockwise around the base towards housing then through the golf course. Our turnaround point for the 10k was at the NASA taxi way.

As with most races, I have done, all of the runners had their fingers on their watch awaiting the cue to begin…the chatter dropped as we waited for the word GO. Once we were off and running, the 10k runners quickly took the lead. While I was part of this pack I never looked back to see how close or far the lead 5k runner was. Before the start, I told myself to keep about an 8:00 pace – hoping this will be my next marathon pace – but that did not happen. I started too FAST again! As I looked at my watch I noticed I was moving at a sub 7:00 – way too fast! The only thing different this time was the temperature – cooler temps makes for a faster pace.

At the 5k turn around point the lead 5k runner and I were matching stride-for-stride. I was not sure how much a lead he had on the other runners, but I am sure it was substantial. Looking down at my watch again, I realized that I am keeping a terrific pace – avg 7:15.

As I made the turn (out and back) to the finish line, I was in third place and still running about 7:25 pace. I kept wondering how this could be…was it my strength training regime or lactate threshold training. Nevertheless, I was moving and feeling great!

I was gaining on the second place runner with every quarter mile back to the finish line. About two miles out is when I decided to change my stride a bit. A couple of years ago, I read a couple books from Jeff Galloway, and he mentioned shorting your stride will increase your speed. The only problem is I rarely ever do this in training, so I forget about it.

With nothing to lose, I gave it a shot. It worked! I quickly caught the second place runner and chatted with him for a bit. I would have guessed at this point my tank would have been empty, but I was truly energized. As we crossed the bridge and rounded the final corner, 3/4 of a mile left, I decided to drop the hammer.

I crossed the finish line with a second place victory! Average pace was 7:15. Not bad for only wanting to only do an 8:00 pace.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 6.47.18 PM

What a way to end the week. I believe tomorrow’s long run (18 miles) will be done at an SLOW pace.

What type of stride do you use?


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