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From Snow to Sunshine

The weather here in Virginia has yet to make up its mind.  Just a week ago, I was able to run in just a long-sleeve shirt then over the weekend we received several inches of snow and the temperatures plummeted to the mid-20s.  Today, I was back out checking off the miles in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt…yes, t-shirt.  The weather was perfect!  After looking at my Strava data, I noticed I shaved about three minutes off my 10 mile time.

I am slowly knocking out my goal of 2016 miles for the year (163 miles in 26 days), but this past weekend’s weather made it a bit treacherous.  If we had dirt/gravel trails nearby then it would not be a problem, but when snow mixes with my community’s asphalt trail then running becomes tricky.

Wanting to stay upright, I decided to break out my trail shoes.  These worked out perfectly in the early snowfall.  When I started this adventure, we had just a dusting of the white stuff, and when I finished my six mile loop there was a good half-inch (plus) on the ground. 


The Saturday long-run was canceled due to the crazy winds and blinding snowfall.  When I moved to east coast all of my neighbors said,  “it doesn’t snow here.”  Well this is my second winter, and yes it does snow here – the problem is the ice after the snow.

So, that left Sunday to attempt to do the long-run – just 12 miles.  There is no way this could be done on the path or road due to the ice.  That left one other place…Newport News Park.  The last time I attempted to run here (last winter) my feet were soaked and frozen by the first mile.  Lucky for me…this time that happened much sooner.  It was not hard to find those mysterious ice/snow covered puddles.  Doing two five-mile loops was enough – my feet could not take another dip in the ice water (video).

Newport News Park

The best part about running in the snow is no one else is crazy as us.  There was silence all around and the world looked picture perfect.  I love the snow, just not the ice that follows.


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