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2Toms FootShield – Medi-Dyne:  Go to and enter “2Toms20” at checkout for 20% off online purchase only. The code expires Sept 30, 2017.

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The mission of LEGEND® Compression Wear is to improve the performance of every athlete—from the casual jogger to the competitive triathlete. They have some amazing sports compression socks, sleeves & apparel are designed with you in mind so you can perform at your best. 

Their mission is to promote the notion that LEGENDS are created from great people, great courage, and great accomplishments…#BeaLEGEND

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For the past 25 years, Heart Zones, Inc. has provided the latest in scientific-based heart rate training programs, certifications, books and educational materials for coaches, athletes, and individuals. The company was first to introduce networked fitness using ANT+ technology with The Threshold Training System™ for use in individual and group fitness training settings. Heart Zones, Inc continues to innovate and pioneer new technologies and training programs for both individual and group training environments with the mission to get America fit.

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