Good Bye 2015…Hello 2016

What a year 2015 was! It was my first full year living in Virginia, and was able to enjoy the humidity from the beginning to the end. Okay, didn’t really enjoy it that much.

Looking back…

  • Fifth year of running [towards finish lines]
  • I completed my undergrad degree w/ honors in project management.
  • Air Force PT Test – 99.3
  • Hit a new PR in the One City Marathon – 3:39
  • Traveled coast-to-coast visiting family [and running of course]
  • Started my MBA at William & Mary
  • Ran the Marine Corp Marathon – 3:48
  • Became a Pearl Izumi Ambassador
  • Covered just over 1250 miles

Plans/goals for 2016…

  • Run 2016 miles (avg 5.5 mi/day)
  • Focus on strength training/plyometrics
  • Run 2d Annual One City Marathon
  • Break into ultra marathons
  • Run Grand Canyon R2R2R
  • Hike the Virginia portion of The Appalachian Trail
  • Knock out 6/7 more classes
  • Shoot for a 3:30 marathon
  • Ride my bike more during the humid months
  • Build on this blog!

The New Year will not only bring new running adventures, but also a potential deployment. If the deployment does not happen then I have a couple of running events scheduled…keeping me motivated. I wish everyone well and hope you are prosperous too.

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