New Program: First week

OUCH! It has been a long time since I was this sore…everything aches. The weather this week has been as low as 22 degrees to 60 degrees with periods of wind. This is drastically different than it was over the Christmas & New Year Holidays where the temperatures hit the upper 70s. I guess it is time to pack away the running singlets and get the jackets and gloves ready for full time use.

New Year means NEW training plan:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 6 miles

Tuesday: Lactate Threshold Run – 8 miles (10 min at 7:30 pace / 5 min at 8:45 pace)

Wednesday: Strength Training & Treadmill run

Thursday: 9 miles

Friday: LT Run – 6.5 miles (5 min at 7:30 pace / 5 min at 8:45 pace)

Saturday: Long Run 10+ miles

I felt great until Thursday morning, I woke to sore muscles. My legs haven’t felt this bad in a long time…much different than a few days after a race. I am going to stick with the motto “no pain no gain” – I suppose the squats and lunges were too much. Hopefully Saturday’s long run will work out any of my remaining aches.

Another reason I decided to use a new training plan, I have noticed my finish times have slowed a bit and I am tired (literally) of being fatigued before the finish line. By using this same template throughout January, I hope to alleviate these symptoms. More on that as race day nears.

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