Occupying the Mind

Many of my miles are covered without anyone to talk to – maybe because my running friends are faster than me.  Sometimes, I find it hard to get motivated and log the necessary training miles laid out in my training plan.  For many years, I would add music to my iPod Shuffle or listen to various Pandora stations, but after a while I started to become bored of the same music mile after mile. 

One day, I was talking to some ultra-runners friends and asked how they coped [with boredom] on their long training runs.  One of them mentioned podcast and proceeded to list off several podcast they had in their line up.

At the time, I had an Android phone, and honestly did not think I could get podcasts on my phone (like Apple).  After some searching, I was able to find an app that allowed me to search various sources for topics I was interested in running too.  While this app was not ideal, it worked.

Fast forward to mid-2015…it was time to upgrade phones.  You guessed it…I decided to get an iPhone.  After doing my due diligence in the research department and talking with my friends the iPhone seemed the best way to go.  Little did I know, Apple wanted to make life easy for those of us who were too busy running, and preinstalled an app that allowed us to quickly find podcasts.

Podcasts have really been a lifesaver…causing moments of laughter and also moments of wonderment.  I enjoy learning something new every time I run my favorite trails.  Believe it or not, but I am able to keep a constant pace throughout each of these podcasts.

The list below is my Podcast line up (in no particular order):


  • This American Life
  • TED Radio Hour
  • Guys We F***d
  • The Running Lifestyle Show
  • Trail Runner Nation
  • Marathon Training Academy


  • InvestTalk
  • The Disciplined Investor

Home Brewing

  •  BeerSmith Home and Beer Brewing

Later on, I will talk about why there are two other categories besides running.  I have been following investing and following the stock market long before I laced up a pair of running shoes.  About three years ago, I decided to try making beer with my then girlfriend (now wife), and have not had a big brewer beer since.  I will expand on these two topics as these help keep me ground as a runner.

Do you listen to podcasts?  If so, which ones help you pass time?

2 thoughts on “Occupying the Mind

  1. Hey Dewey,

    I’m slowing getting back into running (although my knees are shot at this point), it’s more of a slow jog. I find myself zoning out thinking about possible option trades or I listen to Bloomberg business on IHeart Radio.

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