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Running the Grand Canyon – Part 1

Sometime in early 2015, my friend, Eric mentioned he was going to gather a group of USMES members and run the Grand Canyon.  Yes, he mentioned this while running, so I thought this was a great idea. However, at this point, I had never run more than [...]

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April Update

I cannot believe that April showers have come and gone. Well a few have lingered around lately, but that has not stopped me from chipping away at my goals. Looking back, April was a busy month, and I was fortunate to partake in several [...]

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Ultra Marathons vs. Marathons

Prior to moving to Virginia, all I really ran were shorter distances and focused on speed, but that changed when I found a new running partner.I just completed my first 50k and now I am officially an ultra-marathoner. Over the years, I tossed [...]

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Micro Workouts

A micro workout is designed to be accomplished anywhere and/or anytime. Even in your office. If you are like me, you might sit at a computer – all day. Personally, I like to break up my day, when possible, by stepping away from the keyboard to get [...]

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Race Report:  39th Cooper River Bridge 10k

Who drives 900 miles to run a 10k?  This guy!The opportunity to run over the Cooper River Bridge was in large part due to Boeing.  They were gracious enough to pay for our race entries and mail us our goodie bags prior to our travels.  They [...]

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Air Force Physical Fitness Test

The last time, I took Air Force physical assessment was March of last year. So, this allowed me a year to improve my score. And that I did!The goal of the Air Force Fitness Program is to motivate Airmen to participate in year-round physical [...]

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Race Report: One City Marathon (2016)

The city of Newport News, Virginia has done it again, hosting their second annual One City Marathon. This has hands down become my favorite marathon. Just about every corner and straight away along the route has a cheering spectator.Marriott [...]

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One ID at a Time

 Sometimes in the Air Force, we have to perform duties outside of our normal day-to-day job. This past week my office was tasked to augment the security forces by helping them check identification cards in the morning. This duty starts at [...]

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Road Blocks

When I set my goals for 2016, I knew they would be a challenge. This was done on purpose! If a goal was too easy to obtain then maybe it would be as rewarding once it is accomplished.Looking at my mileage for the year, I have logged 399 miles. [...]

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