Reason to run…or not!

Every day we are faced with decisions do we run or not.  Here are the reasons I find it easy to lace up my running shoes:

1. Clear my head
I find running helps me clear my head…even if I have a headache. I am sure you have been delegated to work on a project or give some sort of presentation with little preparation. I find that once I look at the data, I can easily organize my thoughts or a produce a logical pattern by going on a quick run. I have been known to write out a presentation and talk through it on a run.

2. Focus on what’s ahead
Just like clearing my head, running helps me regain focus on the next project or even my homework. Many times, I have been overwhelmed by everyone’s input that becomes unproductive, so it’s time to clear my head.

3. Achieve yearly mileage goal
Establishing a goal in the beginning of the year helps me stay motived and accountable to myself. Strava knows all and so do my running friends.

4. Exercise is healthy
Prior to running, I was predominantly a weight lifter. I thought I was being healthy, but when I look back at my lifestyle I was overeating, consuming too many supplements, and gaining weight (muscle). I could not run fast and I felt step as if I was jumping off a cliff. My knees hated me! Once I dropped the weights I also dropped the weight. I lost 30 pounds in about four months and felt great! I gained speed and endurance rather quickly. Running allows me to have focus and maintain a healthy weight.

5. Socialize
What better way to hang out with friends! The majority of my friends run and we like beer. So why not run then drink a quality craft beer. This allows us to exercise, meet our goals, and talk about life. Friends who run together stay together!


Sometimes outside influences prohibit the breeze from hitting me in the face and here are some of my excuses:

1. Homework
Working on my MBA through The College of William & Mary does not leave me much time for extracurricular activities. Time management is critical – a failure to judge my assignments will leave me inside looking out.

2. Weather
I am not one to done my running attire while it is raining outside. I do not mind running in the rain, but I prefer not to start off running in the rain. When I lived in Las Vegas, running when it was over 105* was not appealing (or safe). I enjoy running too much to take any chances with the weather.

3. Prior Obligations
Lucky for us, our running will not go anywhere without us. Sometimes our training plan does not mesh with our calendars. Attending our kid’s events is more important than our reason to log miles.

4. Unmotivated
This has plagued me many times…waking up and not wanting to step foot outside. Is this a way our bodies tell us to relax and take a day off?

5. Work
Sometimes, duty calls! The Air Force has provided many opportunities to travel this majestic globe and interact with cultures only seen on TV. Traveling for work does not always provide an opportunity to run. Running does not cross your mind when all you do is hurry up and wait or attending field training in the middle of nowhere.

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