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Running the Grand Canyon – Part 1

Sometime in early 2015, my friend, Eric mentioned he was going to gather a group of USMES members and run the Grand Canyon.  Yes, he mentioned this while running, so I thought this was a great idea. However, at this point, I had never run more than 26.2 miles consecutively.  In reality, I was not going on the trip, and I thought he was crazy for considering such a venture.  Who runs the Grand Canyon?

Almost two years ago…my wife, Alisa, and I drove from Las Vegas to Virginia, and one of our many stops along the way was the Grand Canyon.  Even though we lived about seven hours away, we never visited.  We spent a day walking around the Grand Canyon Village with our dogs Scout and Liesl.  The canyon was absolutely breath taking!  The colors, depth, and formations were so unbelievable.  I would have never guessed that anyone could (or want) to run to the other side (and back).  Was I naive or what!

The four of us - Grand Canyon (June 2014)

Fast forward to today…I just completed running from rim to rim to rim (r2r2r) with four other USMES teammates.  My initial goal was to finish in approximately 15 hours.  Well several factors watched that 15 hour window come and go.  All of the details will be explained in the follow up post, but traveling about 44 miles and approximately 22,000 feet was more of challenge than I anticipated.  Before this adventure, my longest run-to-date is one 50k.


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