Route 66 Marathon Training Plan

Earlier this year, I was selected to represent BibRave, and with that I had an opportunity to run a race for free.  However, I never anticipated to still be recovering from my first (and probably last) 100-mile race a month later.

I have less than a month left until I lace up my running shoes and toe the line at the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK.  So, with my remaining time, I am going to follow the plan below to help build speed and continue to recover.  I did sign up for a 5k this weekend and a 10-miler the following weekend.

Running Plan:

  • Monday: Recovery run/Easy pace
  • Tuesday: Speed work (track work, tempo runs, marathon pace)
  • Wednesday: High Intensity Interval Training
  • Thursday: Speed work (track work, tempo runs, marathon pace)
  • Friday: Easy pace
  • Saturday: Short distance at marathon pace & HIIT
  • Sunday: Long Run


Speed workouts

  • Week 1/Tues: Track 6-8 mi; 1 mi warmup,  1 mi @ MP, 2 min recovery, 1 mi @ Tempo, repeat
  • Week 1/Thurs: Progression 6 mi; increase pace so that last 2 mi are Tempo
  • Week 2/Tues: Track 5 mi; warmup, alternate 200m @ Tempo and mile pace, decrease recovery time each cycle
  • Week 2/Thurs: Hills
  • Week 3/Tues: Track; 4 x 200m @ mile pace, 2 x 400m @ 10k pace, 4 x 200m @ 5k pace, 2 x 400m @ 10k pace, 4 x 200 @ mile pace, 60 recovery between each set
  • Week 3/Thurs: Track; 1.5 mi recovery run, 2 x 100m strides, 1000m @ tempo, repeat 2x, 1.5 mi recovery run
  • Week 4/Tues: 2 mi recovery run, 8 x 100m strides, 1 mi recovery run



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