Silver Flag/Field Training:  Day 0

Today marks a journey that has been long overdue according to some.  My job, Manpower and Organization, requires that we attend an expeditionary manpower readiness course,known as Silver Flag. While this is not a predeployment training per se it is to brush up on those skills. 

My morning began at 4 a.m. for my journey south – early bird gets the worm or in this case a decent cot placement. Lucky my flights were not  delayed due to the overnight winter storm. From snow and sleet in Virginia to sunny skies in Florida. 
The week of training will consist of several days of classroom training followed by an wartime exercise on the last day followed by site cleanup. As with any good field training the nutrition portion during the week will come from meals ready to eat, as known as MREs. With a marathon coming up in a week and a half, I figured MREs would jack up my guys.  So, I packed several cliff bars, honey stinger products, and other snack to help skip a few MREs and prepare me for the big run.   


To make life easy…we are only allowed to wear our duty uniform and physical training gear. This made packing easy except for the “camping” gear. 

I must give up my nice comfy bed for a cot and a sleeping bag – I am sure my back will thank me by the end of training.  This is probably the only part I am not looking forward the this week. Well besides be away from my wife!

I will treat this coming days as my taper time – One City in 9 days. The training camp has a workout facility and a small running area. Supposedly there are bears in the local area, so running outside could be a problem. 


I will post more throughout the week as time and cell reception permits. 

The fun will begin at 0730 tomorrow/Saturday/my birthday!

Note: this is my first post using my phone…easier than I thought it would be. 

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